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The Silver Lining of Tomorrow is a collaboration of poems and tidbits for all the Daddy’s girls out there. Traci Mahrt lost her father Melvin at the early age of twenty-three. With a collection of poems found after his passing, Traci weaves in her own poems and shares her own life experiences with love, depression, and finding God.


In The Silver Lining of Tomorrow, Traci takes you through her journey of being a Daddy’s girl to the heartbreak that losing her father caused her—and still causes her today. This collection will resonate not only with those that have lost a parent, but with anyone who has lost a loved one in their lifetime. Traci shows us how living, loving, and writing can help heal the soul. 

This poetry book will be a collection of my words and my very own art. Below is a sample of what is to come.

Description coming soon

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