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Trust Me By Candace Hutton

Thank you for joining me today...

I would like to share on extract for the book, Trust Me by Candace Hutton.

Happy Reading!!

“After being divorced for ten days, Brooke is having trouble thinking about her ex-husband in a platonic way.

When the tub was full enough, she added a bit of bubble bath then slipped out of her little black dress. The water felt amazing on her skin when she slid into the tub. It was smaller than the one at the house she’d shared with Garrett. Now that had been a tub. She lost count of the number of times she and Garrett had sat in it together, her back to his chest while the water bubbled around them.

No. She couldn’t go there. Think about something else, Brooke. Literally anything else.

Chad and Noah’s wedding. That was safe. She loved both of them like brothers, siblings she never had. They’d been together eighteen months, and they were finally tying the knot. Despite the fact that her job was making sure couples actually got divorced, she didn’t mind the idea of marriage and weddings. It just wasn’t for her. Not anymore. She wished she’d listened to her fourteen-year-old self.

She shook her head. No. Think about Chad and Noah.

She couldn’t wait to see them in their tuxedos, exchanging vows in front of their family and closest friends.

Closest friends including Garrett, who would be there in one of his form-fitting suits. He’d laugh with them and offer congratulations and pose for photos even though she knew he hated having his picture taken. But he did a lot for the people he loved.

She shook her head. No more of that. Concentrate on something else. Kai?

With her eyes closed, she leaned her head back against the edge of the tub, trying to picture him. He really was cute, and she loved his voice and the easy way he spoke.

It was far from Garrett’s gravelly pitch.

Okay. No Kai either.

A sigh of frustration leaked out of her mouth. This was what he’d done to her. It wasn’t enough that he would crush her by asking for a divorce, but only Garrett Call would hang around in the rafters of her mind, demanding to be noticed.

She had to get him out of her head and her heart. If she didn’t, she wasn’t sure she’d ever fully recover.”

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