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Raw thoughts in my head...

This space is raw unedited writing...


In My Daughter's eyes, I'm perfect.

But, I know I'm imperfectly perfect.

I know I make mistakes,

I will be the first to admit it.

In the mornings, I'm impatient,

And, the nights sometimes drag on,


But, if I'm nipping,

I bow my head and say

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, it's not you,

please forgive me, I love you.

I love to hug and cuddle,

any chance that comes along...

I raise my house with I love you's and I'm sorry's.

So although I make mistakes,

I admit my wrongs.

I tell my daughter I'm sorry and I hug her every chance I get,

For, I know, I'm imperfectly perfect, 

Though, my Daughter only says,

I'm perfect.


Picture by:TL Mahrt

Setting in the dark with a bonfire,

I watch the fire dancing,

and it's enchanting with thoughts of you in my head...

Setting in the dark with these thoughts in my head,

wishing of fairytales that once were said,


Setting on the cold damp log with secrets of your heart that played me from the start.

Setting alone and cold in the dark,

I stare into the roaring flame as your words that you said 

now lay in a fairytale,

no more than words on a page,

words that tell lies to its stage...

For fairytales are only that...

wishes across a page...


TL Mahrt


Picture by:TL Mahrt

the silver rays of your love shine as bright as a cold moon that creates a chilling wave to my soul's heartbeat... 

If words had hearts ...

Some would bleed.

Dry Eyes

I once lost the love of a friend.

the love loss for this friend has me asking when,

Did I ever even cry?

But did I?

I cried, right, I had to ask myself when.

Why didn't I cry?

The loss of a friendship that was already broken,

didn't even wet my eye.

More to come...

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